Jurisdiction: United States remove review from GlassDoor legal advice

Pages removed from: GlassDoor.co.uk

Date of removal: 13 November 2017.

Number of reviews removed: 1

Additional information: This removal relates to a defamatory review posted on GlassDoor.co.uk by anonymous GlassDoor user. The GlassDoor review was false as it alleged that the company’s CEO was conducting himself in a manner which would put most employees off applying for jobs and which would result in suppliers and business associates wondering whether they should do business with the company at all. In this case we negotiated the removal of the review from GlassDoor after communicating with GlassDoor legal department. This resulted in a considerable sense if relief to our clients, both the company and the CEO and in the saving on great deal of money to them as on his occasion GlassDoor agreed to remove the review before we had to resort to litigation.



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