Fake online reviews legal advice

A dispute with a supplier or a service provider could result in the posting of fake online reiviews 

This is not as rare as some would think. Culprits could be suppliers ‎who have been spurned and gradually replaced with better ones. Alternatively, they could be looking to push out competing suppliers where the products are not supplier ‎specific.

They can also be service providers who belief that the best way to resolve business disputes is by posting fake online reviews. In some cases the fake online reviews come alongside a civil claim for damages.

The idea is that unless the victim business pays up, they will continue to suffer from scores of fake online reviews. The leading case in this category of fake online reviews is the case of the web developer and his web design company Origin Design who created scores of fake online reviews about one of their clients, whilst pressurising him to settle a court action for less than £200. Mr Britton was convicted of harassment and both him and his company were then successfully sued for defamation by their former client. More details about the case can be found here https://www.defamationlawyer.co.uk/defamation-on-the-internet-could-result-in-a-prison-sentence



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