Remove online reviewsWhen was the last time you searched for information about ‎your own company? If the answer to this question is ‎‎“never” then you are not alone. You also need to read on…‎

Many organisations spend little or no time in researching ‎themselves on the internet.This makes sense on the face of ‎it; what could you possibly learn that you don’t already ‎know?But it is precisely this subconscious dismissal of the notion ‎that you could find something out that you don’t already ‎know that enables negative ‘information’ from going ‎undetected for so long and causing so much damage.

You should care about online reviews because:

Between 1 and 3 negative online reviews will be ‎enough to deter the majority of shoppers ‎from purchasing a product or service.

‎70 per cent of consumers say that they trust online reviews.

A recent study has found that just one negative ‎review can cost a business almost 30 customers. Seven in ten consumers will actually change their ‎mind about a product after reading a negative ‎online review.

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Remove fake review lawyersNegative reviews by unsatisfied customers are now an accepted aspect of our digital age. However, some customers are extremely unreasonable and implacable when things go wrong, and things do go wrong even for the best of companies.

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Defamation fake review by employees lawyersPrincipally this will be former employees, for obvious ‎reasons. However, current employees can be a source if ‎they have a grudge and are looking to leave in the near ‎future. Here are some important steps you should take as a precaution.

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Fake review by competitor lawyersThis is industrial sabotage in the digital age. It is far more ‎common that one might imagine and new enterprises are ‎particularly vulnerable as they are at their weakest. The ‎culprits will normally be more established operators in their ‎field and are seeking to ‘smother them in the cradle’ or ‎perhaps stifle their growth when they begin to feel the ‎effects of the competition on their own business.

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Defamation by directorsFormer business associates/partners‎ This category have been responsible over many centuries of ‎being guilty of just about every offence, both civil and ‎criminal. Business partnerships rarely end gracefully and ‎frequently there is resentment on one or both sides. Let ‎your imagination run wild…

Fake online reivew by suppliersThis is rare, but not unheard of. Culprits could be suppliers ‎who have been spurned and gradually replaced with better ‎ones. Alternatively, they could be looking to push out ‎competing suppliers where the products are not supplier ‎specific.

Remove fake online review by Many reviews are written just for the sake of it by persons who have no purchase record whatsoever. According to academic research, these reviews tend to be more negative than other reviews. They are written mainly by individuals who crave attention and recognition. Apparently, so we are told.

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