Fake online reviews by client legal advice

Do you suspect that a disgruntled customer is posting fake online reviews?

Negative reviews by unsatisfied customers are now an accepted aspect of our digital age. However, some customers are extremely unreasonable

and implacable when things go wrong, and things do go wrong even for the best of companies.

The more business you do the chances of something going wrong increase; it’s a statistical certainty. Consequently, your chances increase of having to deal with a customer who just cannot be satisfied or reasoned with. ‎Beware of this type.

It is this type who may post not one negative review on one site, but several negative reviews on many sites. The number, frequency and bilious content will be a reflection of their inherent unreasonableness. Often the text varies greatly so as to appear to be unconnected. They sometimes get a taste for it as they see your average rating being reduced with each additional posting! This happens very quickly if you only have a few reviews to begin with. This type of fake review are identifiable if you know what to look for and we routinely have these removed permanently on behalf of clients. Whilst we are happy to provide the cure, we strongly recommend prevention as a better option!


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