Remove online reviewsWhen was the last time you searched for information about ‎your own company? If the answer to this question is ‎‎“never” then you are not alone. You also need to read on…‎

Many organisations spend little or no time in researching ‎themselves on the internet.This makes sense on the face of ‎it; what could you possibly learn that you don’t already ‎know?But it is precisely this subconscious dismissal of the notion ‎that you could find something out that you don’t already ‎know that enables negative ‘information’ from going ‎undetected for so long and causing so much damage.

You should care about online reviews because:

Between 1 and 3 negative online reviews will be ‎enough to deter the majority of shoppers ‎from purchasing a product or service.

‎70 per cent of consumers say that they trust online reviews.

A recent study has found that just one negative ‎review can cost a business almost 30 customers. Seven in ten consumers will actually change their ‎mind about a product after reading a negative ‎online review.

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