Jurisdiction: United States Deleted fake Facebook Page

Pages removed from: Facebook

Date of removal: 06 January 2018.

Number of Facebook Pages deleted: 1

Additional information: Our client is a politician who had a fake Facebook Page created to his name. The fake Facebook Page was visually similar to the Facebook Page of our client and included images of our client. Whoever created the similar fake Facebook Page had given the initial impression that the Facebook Page belonged to our politician client. The fake Page which also contained images of our client was used to attack our client personally with personal and political comments which were wrongly attributed to our client. First, our client’s office wrote to Facebook asking to remove the fake Facebook Page but Facebook declined the request, claiming that there was public interest in retaining the Page. Our social media lawyers communicated with Facebook to reject Facebook reasons for refusing to delete the fake Facebook Page. They rely on an established legal principle that there is never public interest in fake information. They also asserted the our client’s privacy rights, the rights of Facebook users to be presented with content which isn’t highly manipulated, Facebook own terms of business and other legal rights, including intellectual property rights. Facebook then permanently deleted the fake Facebook Page.


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