Jurisdiction: United Kingdom Found not guilty remove news article

Review removed from: Google search results

Date of removal: 4 September 2017

Number of pages removed: 5

Additional information: Our client was in the public eye when he faced a trial for serious allegations. He was found not guilty of all charges but the publicity around his trial kept causing him reputational damage and substantial distress, to him and to his family. After Google declined to de-list links to the news articles which contained information about the trial, our lawyers successfully appealed that decision to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under the right to be forgotten to request that the ICO tells Google to de-list those articles in relation to our client's name. The ICO determined that our client’s right to private life outweighed the public interest in the matter and our client having been found not guilty by a court of law, had had a right to have the matter forgotten by the general public. The ICO ordered Google to de-list the links within 28 days.  


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