Jurisdiction: United States remove defamatory reviews Google dentist

Reviews removed from: Google Business listings

Date of removal: 15 June 2017

Number of reviews removed: 5

Additional information: Our client is a dental practice with several dental clinics across London. Over a brief period of time our client's Google listings of one of its dental practices has been subjected to 5 highly negative Google reviews. The dental practice was unable to trace any individuals with the names given by the Google uses who posted the online reviews so our lawyers obtained a court order, permitting Google to disclose to us information and data which Google had collected in relation to each of the Google users who posted a defamatory review about our client’s dental clinic. The disclosure from Google revealed that none of the Google reviewers were ever a patient of our client's dental clinic. This information helped us to facilitate the removal of the reviews from Google Maps (Business) listings in relation to our client's dental clinic. .   


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