Fake Google business reviews have become an epidemic which his causing substantial headache, devastation and financial loss to an increasing number of businesses in the UK. It is often the nature of the negative (which is often defamatory) review which is likely to cause decline in business and in moral, rather than the number of negative or defamatory reviews posted.

A well written, single defamatory review which alleges dishonesty on the part of the company, will often be enough to cause huge financial damage. Obtaining information from Google about the poster of a defamatory review is fairly simple.

It is something that this firm does nearly every day. It involves a process of communication with Google, the preparation of relevant legal documents and then negotiating a pre-agreed disclosure court order.

The disclosure order (which is often called Norwich Pharmacal Order) is then submitted to a judge in the High Court who, upon legal submission grants it. The process of obtaining disclosure from Google and finding out who wrote a Google review often takes between 14 to 28 days. It might take longer if there are issues which require further discussions or negotiations with Google which means the soon you act the better.

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